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AGAM-1 Setup

Please follow these steps before activating AGAM-1 for the first time:

1. Apart from what came in the box, your AGAM-1 needs (a) a SIM card and (b) 6 AA batteries to work.
(a) There are SIMs that are only good for 3G cellular phones and will not work with 2-2.5G phones. DON’T BUY such a SIM for AGAM-1; ask specifically for a SIM card that works with ALL phones.
(b) Good quality batteries (we use Energizer MAX) are highly recommended for a longer operation
2. Before trying to activate AGAM-1 for the first time, please do the following things:
    – Thoroughly read this page, and watch the video below
    – Read the AGAM-1 commands page
    – Read the AGAM-1 report page
3. For a smooth start, follow these instructions:

    Before inserting batteries to the unit, prepare your phone (the one you want AGAM-1 to send messages to) by texting the “start” command (see the AGAM-1 commands page) to the AGAM-1 SIM’s phone number. Don’t press “send” yet. After you insert the SIM and the batteries (as shown in the video below), and press the top right button as shown in the video, the blue LED light will flash once a second. WAIT for it to flash at a slower pace (longer blinks once every ~3 seconds) THEN press “send” on your phone. This will ensure that the text message is sent while the unit is connected to the cellular network.

4. Please remember that each wake up of AGAM-1 (except the first wakeup) is roughly 5 minutes, after which a report text message is sent.

Getting AGAM-1 ready for action!

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