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AGAM-1 SMS Reports: An Explanation


AGAM-1 reports directly to your cell phone, with a link to Google Maps, containing its location and status. An example of which is shown at the bottom of this page.


Device’s location will appear as an “A” pin on Google Maps. In case of GPS reception, the location on the map would be an accurate approximation of the device. In case of cell-based location, the location on the map would be that of the received cell antenna.
Report links which start with http://maps.google.com indicate GPS reception. Report links which start with indicate no GPS reception, and geo-locating the received cellular antenna.


The report details appear as a pop-up if browsing from a desktop or Google Maps mobile app. On a mobile browser, the details will appear after pressing the “details” button.

[Device Name]     [Alarm Status]      [Temperature]     [Battery Voltage]     [Next Wake Up]

[AGAM357]           [Intrusion!]             [23C/73F]               [4.89V]                       [wakeup in 1:10 hrs]

[Device Name] Name of the AGAM-1 device as initiated by the “Start” command

[Alarm Status] Can be one of eaither: No Alarm/Intrusion!/Shock!/T.Switch/Power On

[Temperature] Temperature measured by the device, in Celsius/Fahrenheit

[Battery Voltage] Lets you know if the batteries are near depletion. Anything higher than 3.75V is OK. Lower then that: start conserving your energy.

[Next Wake Up] When the device will wake up next.


For a list of AGAM-1 commands, please click here


AGAM Report Screenshot (Mobile)



AGAM Report Screenshot (PC)

AGAM-1 SMS Report

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