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To watch the AGAM-1 quick setup video please click here



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is AGAM-1 a stand-alone device?

    Yes. AGAM-1 is “plug and play”, which means you can operate it the moment you take it out of the box.
  • This means that I don’t need any expensive systems, IT integration, long setup etc. to use AGAM-1 or to provide a ‘Secure Container’ service to my customers?

    Yes. Although we would happily integrate our devices into your IT infrastructure if you wish to.
  • How does AGAM-1 communicate with me?

    AGAM-1 communicates over the global cellular (GSM) network, with the widest coverage available. You can choose between 3 levels of reports:
    1. Direct to your cellphone
    2. Loginno’s free web app, accessible from any computer or mobile device
    3. (enterprise solution) To your GIS software/ERP/DB/etc. via API
    AGAM-1 is perfect for you whether you want to start using or selling a container security service tomorrow morning, or integrate GIS data into your organization’s systems.
  • Do you have a free client software?

    Yes we do. Loginno Live is free and accessible from any computer or mobile device. For more info click here or view the demo here.
  • Can you describe shortly what does AGAM-1 do?

    Yes. AGAM-1 is a security tracker for shipping containers. It communicates to your cellphone or PC via a free web app, and sends you alerts regarding: where it is, if someone has broken into your container, if your container has been lifted, temperature, and more.
  • I need something else: a tracker/ security device/ remote monitoring device/ remote measurement device/ other. Can you guys provide?

    Yes. AGAM-1 is very flexible and in most cases we can tailor-make a solution to your specific need in little or no cost. Loginno is a subsidiary of Loginet Systems, which deals with cutting edge hardware and software development for commercial and defense purposes. If it can be done technically, we can do it.
  • I just took an AGAM-1 out of the box. What do I do?

    Read the manual and watch this video
  • How do I install AGAM-1 on a container?


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